Sketch Sticks Lip Liners 

Sketch Sticks Lip Liners 


Darci's must have with any lipstick.  Our creamy, non-drying formula allows you to draw a smooth line without pulling or tugging.

Available in 9 beautiful shades- "Sorbet" Blue Pink, "Mauve"-pink brown, "Tulip"- medium-pink/brown, "Spice"- dark pink/brown, “Suede”- soft terra cotta, "Blossom"- muted coral, "Merlot"- cool Cranberry, "Plush"- brown brick-red, “Valentine" -Cool Red

Sketch Sticks Lip Liner Refills - When you finish up your favorite lip liner, do not throw out your case and lid, simply purchase the refill. Each refill comes with two chargers. Available in all of your favorite sketch stick colors ($16)

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